Spielman & Associates I•RIS / PIB seminars take our one-on-one coaching to the group level, with lots of great
takeaways. We teach people how to evolve and manage their image, impressions and brand through their
personal style and business etiquette.

Our seminars can be tailored to address a variety of issues, but the most popular is:

Personal Image Branding 101 – In this comprehensive look at enhancing your overall image, we discuss how
your visual style and business etiquette style brand you. Personal Image Branding 101 covers your visual
impression, as well as relevant points of business etiquette, to ensure that your brand is in complete alignment.

You can also choose a more targeted or custom seminar:

Your Visual Image...a picture really does speak a thousand word and then some – A focus on your visual style, and how to make the right impression. This can cover the basics of dress, hair, accessories, etc., or dig deep into specific areas associated with a personal brand.

The Power of Business Etiquette – Conduct and etiquette paint a big picture...how to present your image in
email, on the phone, via text messages and in meetings; the importance of separating on line social and
professional networks; and how to adapt the basic rules of manners and social interaction for business today.

Custom Seminars – We can cover the personal image branding topics relevant to your group during brown
bag/lunch seminars or half-day or full-day workshops.

Consider a Personal Image Branding seminar for your executive team, employees or group.
Contact Spielman & Associates today.


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