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For more than 20 years, Ruth I. Spielman has been taking a fun, untraditional
approach to creative corporate branding through the marketing arm of Spielman
& Associates, The Think Spot. She has been instrumental in helping a number of
Fortune 1000 companies invent and reinvent themselves and their products.
In 2006, Ruth extended that idea to the personal side of branding, and the
I•RIS / PIB (Personal Image Branding) approach was born.

Today, impression management one-on-one coaching and seminars have become
some of the most sought-after services offered by Spielman & Associates. In the
same way that businesses strategically design, develop and package their brands,
Spielman makes sure that individuals make equally powerful first, second and
third impressions. Clients will tell you that a picture is worth much more than
1,000 words.

Before starting Spielman & Associates, Ruth was the Marketing Director for
Shooting Stars, Steve Poses' Philadelphia Restaurant Renaissance Consortium.
A Manhattan native, Ruth has made the Philadelphia area her home for more
than 25 years.

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