Spielman & Associates I•RIS / PIB™ clients are men and women. Corporate execs and recent college grads.
People who have turned a milestone age–from 30 to 70. People who love to shop and people who would rather
do anything else. Below are a few first-hand stories of people who have enjoyed the experience:

“After attending one of Ruth Spielman’s Personal Image Branding Seminars, I decided this was a process in
which I needed to invest. Working with Ruth Spielman has been one of the best business decisions I made
(since launching my own consulting business).

Ruth brought my professional image to another level – a level that perfectly aligns with my brand.

Working with Ruth was enormously helpful, fun, magical and confidence building. That confidence and magic
translated into how I carry myself and present myself to my clients. Because of Ruth, I maximized my current
wardrobe, made prudent choices on what to add and no longer waste time wondering what I’m going to wear
for a meeting or presentation or if I look good.

I wish I could give Ruth as a holiday present to all my friends and colleagues.
I highly recommend Ruth Spielman and her Personal Image Branding process and coaching.”

Cheryl Rice
Cheryl Rice Leadership

“I view Personal Image Branding as a continuation of a performance development plan. An individual that has displayed business competence and has an ability to contribute in an exceptional manner, can enhance their approach and communication by paying attention to their personal brand. It’s synergistic.

I’ve had employees, at senior and junior levels, work with Ruth Spielman. It was a very positive experience for all of them and resulted in promotions and assignments to more senior level project roles.

Ruth has also helped recent college graduates put together a wardrobe for job interviews ...successfully, and helped others put together a basic wardrobe to enter the work world.

She starts from a positive place with each client. She doesn’t try to change the person or regiment the approach. The client defines their own brand and Ruth shows them how to translate it into their visual image. The result is no two clients look alike.. But they all look a notch above the rest. I highly recommend Ruth. Most people who have worked with her end up coming back on their own. The service is unique and transformative!!”

June Barry
SVP Human Resources for Commercial & Specialty Lending
TD Bank 

“I have always been a big believer in the power of the Personal Brand; and what a big role our visual impression plays in building our professional image. My work with Ruth Spielman helps me fine tune those efforts. Ruth has turned my closet full of clothes into an organized wardrobe.. which, funny as it may sound, brings a sense of order to my life and an ease and purpose to putting it all together each morning. She even makes the tough decisions around purging outdated but beloved clothes feel good. Each season, when our work together is completed, my closet looks like a fashion store and I know just how to put interesting outfits together using all my clothes.. every day!

I highly recommend this fresh approach to impression management and personal branding. Ruth is great to work with and makes the Personal Image Branding process relevant to your specific needs, as well as fun!”

Molly D. Shepard
Founder, President and CEO
The Leader’s Edge/Leaders By Design

“For the past seven years, I have more than enjoyed working with Ruth Spielman... I have benefited! A good friend gave me a gift certificate for a Personal Image Branding session with Ruth, and the rest is image and confidence building history!

After helping me to define my Personal Brand, Ruth went through my closet, put together outfits, and suddenly I had a whole new wardrobe I didn’t even know I had. Then we made a list of the things I REALLY needed.. and shopping instantly became more strategic and purposeful.

Each season Ruth has been an invaluable resource for advice on everything from "what to buy", "what to pack", and "what should I wear?!'' -- Ruth has guided me through my daughter's wedding (and her wardrobe), the many functions my husband and I attend, and all with a sensitivity to budget, and an understanding of my own 'personal style'.

Ruth provides so much support - she arrives with her camera - and the result is a mini catalogue of outfit photos to be hung in my closet as a daily reference. Now getting dressed each day with my personal brand/style in mind is a no-brainer.

Personal Image Branding is NOT Personal Shopping. Ruth is not tied to any one store. So when strategic or special occasion shopping is needed, Ruth KNOWS where to go for whatever you might need..and for whatever your budget will bear.

The gift certificate my friend gave me for Personal Image Branding with Ruth remains one of my favorite gifts! I highly recommend that you put this on your list of great gift ideas... Or better yet, give this gift to yourself!!”

Karen A. Kenworthy
Glenmoore, PA


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