Ruth I. Spielman








Spielman & Associates, Inc., The Think Spot was created when Ruth
Spielman, President and Chief Branding Strategist, couldn't find a truly fun,
untraditional, creative think shop in which to work.

Spielman designs fresh approaches and develops unique programs to help her
clients brand, invent or reinvent their companies and products. Through
one-day Branding Retreats and unconventional sessions, Spielman helps
create new products, services and line extensions. In addition, her unique
Brandstorming process helps to develop breakthrough logos, brochures, ads,
websites, radio spots, videos, or whatever vehicles will communicate your
messages best.

The approach is decidedly not the traditional full-service agency route. From
the simplest project to the most comprehensive initiative, The Think Spot is all
about creative thinking–helping marketers develop a creative vision and turn it
into reality.

For more than 20 years, Ruth I. Spielman has been taking this fun,
untraditional approach to creative corporate branding. She has been
instrumental in helping a number of Fortune 1000 companies invent and
reinvent themselves and their products. Some examples include:

Sidney Frank Importing Company/Grey Goose Vodka
The Village Voice
Mondre Energy, Inc
NFL Films
Sidney Frank Importing Company/Jägermeister
Advanced Physician Management Services
CGI Consulting Group
Brandow Chrysler Dodge Jeep
Liberty Business Strategies, Ltd.
National and New York Law Journals
Pennsylvania Heart and Vascular Group
Wharton Asset Management, Inc.
Windsor Financial Mortgage/Gateway Funding
The Wood Company/Sodexo